12 Things You Probably Forgot To Clean

12 Things You Probably Forgot To Clean

Springtime is here and along with it comes spring cleaning.  Cleaning is definitely not my favorite activity, but I sure do love the look and feel of an immaculately clean house after it’s all done.  It’s so refreshing and relaxing.  Though it never stays that way long with two little boys who seem to enjoy making messes.  And I’m sure you can relate, if you have children.  They enjoy making messes much more than cleaning up.  As a result, I’ve long ago given up deep cleaning the house more than twice a year.  So this spring, as I’ve been working on my spring cleaning, I keep thinking of places and things I have forgotten to clean, but that really need it.  I’m going to share my list that I’ve come up with so far, in case you’ve forgotten to clean these also.

  • Door Knobs – These get so dirty because we are constantly touching them.  But because they don’t look dirty, they can be really easy to overlook.  Make sure you clean them often and disinfect them at least occasionally.
  • Light Switches – These are another place that gets touched frequently and obviously can get very dirty extremely fast.
  • Dishwasher – With all the detergent and water that runs through a dishwasher daily, it’s hard to imagine it needing to be cleaned.  If you look closely, though, a lot of grime builds up over time.  Be sure take the inside apart when you clean; last time I cleaned mine in the bottom it had lots of slime from the detergent I was using, hair, and food particles.
  • Washer and Dryer – These machines clean our dirty clothes, but they sure don’t clean themselves very well. With all the moisture, it’s easy for them to grow mold in places like the seals around the doors of front loaders.  Top loaders tend to collect a lot of dirt, lint, and soap residue.  Ideally, you should clean them every few months, so they can continue to get your clothes clean.
  • Electronics – Unless you clean them frequently your phone, keyboard, and other electronic devices are probably dirtier and have more germs on them than your toilet.  Which makes sense because we touch them frequently without washing our hands and don’t clean them regularly.  Electronics are easy to clean and disinfect, just dust off with a soft cloth and wipe down with an alcohol wipe to kill all the germs.
  • Purse – Be sure to clean and disinfect your purse occasionally.  According to Good Housekeeping, purses are also dirtier than most toilets!
  • Walls – I usually just spot clean wherever the walls looks dirty.  When I was a child, I remember having to scrub off the dirt and grime on the walls on our stairway because we would touch them every time we went down the stairs.  Now I mostly just have to scrub food off the wall near my son’s highchair.
  • Trash Cans – They may be meant to hold trash, but they don’t have to be dirty.  I try to clean mine every couple months, otherwise, they start stinking.  It’s also a good idea to disinfect them, as it’s a perfect place for germs to accumulate.
  • Pillows – Even with pillowcases, pillows get very dirty and collect bacteria and dust over time.  You should wash your pillows or buy new ones, occasionally.
  • Cleaning Tools – In order to clean effectively, these need cleaning frequently, but are quite often forgotten about.  Next time you clean, don’t forget your broom, mop, vacuum, bucket, sponges, etc!
  • Window and Sliding Glass Door Tracks – Dirt and dead bugs tend to collect in these tracks, where it is difficult to clean.  I like to vacuum them out occasionally and then use a toothbrush and Q-tips to clean what is left.
  • Bathroom Ceiling Fans – These fans collect so much dust and the moisture from the bathroom makes it stick to all the fan parts.  If it’s not cleaned often enough, the fan has to work harder and is noisier.


When was the last time you cleaned all these places and things? Are there any you would add to my list? Let me know in the comments below.

12 Things You Forgot To Clean

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  1. I do the ceiling fans because of how sensitive my husband is to dust. I’ll be wiping down all the kitchen cabinets tomorrow, and will be adding the dishwasher to my list.

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